Fulcrum of operating table
by Rajendra S Sankpal

Simplified Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Practical, Safe and Economic Methodology

by Rajendra S Sankpal, Mahantesh Karoshi, Late Louis G Keith
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This video representation of fulcrum of table—surgeon standing relative to height of table. Fulcrum of table is situated at the center. Relative height of table remains unchanged after Trendelenburg position. Fulcrum near the head end of table. Relative height of table increases at Trendelenberg position and fulcrum towards the head end of the table. The level of patient’s abdomen goes above the surgeon’s umbilicus at Trendelenburg position. Shoulder muscle are in use during the surgery. Surgeons requires plateform to correct the unphysiological position. After standing on the plateform patient’s abdomen level remains below the surgeon’s umbilicus.

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