Theater ergonomics
by Rajendra S Sankpal

Simplified Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Practical, Safe and Economic Methodology

by Rajendra S Sankpal, Mahantesh Karoshi, Late Louis G Keith
About Video

This video demonstrates the ergonomics operation theater for smooth laparoscopic surgery. For surgical ergonomics, the main surgeon is standing on the right side of the patient for laparoscopic hysterectomy. Standing on the right side replicates the process the surgeon uses for the abdominal hysterectomy with the extension of his hands with laparoscopic instruments. Individuals who prefer to stand on the left side of the patient are left handed or have been trained in this manner. Ideally two assistants are required. The first stands opposite the surgeon and follows directions as given. The second sits between the patient’s legs and performs crucial functions related to uterine manipulation. This includes elevating the uterus out of the lower pelvis to bring it closer to the operating instruments as well as rotating the uterus so that the pedicles are brought from the lateral to the anterior position, thereby facilitating cauterization and division.

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