Vaginal delineator tube
by Rajendra S Sankpal

Simplified Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: Practical, Safe and Economic Methodology

by Rajendra S Sankpal, Mahantesh Karoshi, Late Louis G Keith
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This vaginal delineator tube is made of polypropylene or ceramic with a diameter of 5.7 cm and a length of approximately 25 cm. The distal end is open and the proximal end has a cap which screws on. This cap has a hole which can be occluded with the thumb in order to assist in maintaining pneumoperitoneum when the vaginal cuff is opened. The tube is easily accommodated in the vagina unless the patient is postmenopausal with atrophy or has not given birth vaginally. Its presence within the vagina helps delineate the upper extent of the vagina at the moment the surgeon incises the upper vaginal cuff to remove the uterus. When the uterus has been removed, the proximal end of the vaginal tube helps in identifying the vaginal cuff edges and facilitating its closure without loss of pneumoperitoneum.

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