Examination of hydrocele and abdomen
by Sriram Bhat M

SRB’s Clinical Methods in Surgery

by Sriram Bhat M
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This video demonstrates clinical methods of examination of hydrocele and abdomen. In this video, Methods of clinical examination of succussion splash, visible gastric peristalsis (VGP), Ausculto-percussion test, digital examination of rectum, proctoscopy, proctoscopy in lithotomy position, complete rectal prolapse, Cusco’s speculum, grooved proctoscope for therapy and diagnosis, colonoscopy, expansile impulse on coughing, large filarial scrotal lymphedema—elephantiasis scrotum, varicocele, encysted hydrocele of cord, inferior vena cava (IVC) obstruction, hypoglossal nerve palsy, pulsatile swelling in the neck—carotid artery aneurysm, and ulcerative growth in the scalp are briefly described.

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