Metallic foreign body with cataract
by Boral Subhendu Kumar

Retina & Vitreous Surgery: A Practical Guide to Theory, Practice and Management

by Subhendu Kumar Boral, Suber S Huang
About Video

This video demonstrates a post-traumatic case with advanced cataract with radio-opaque RIOFB on orbital X-ray. Lens capsule was found to be yellowish, may be secondary to early siderotic change. Lens aspiration was done and a small opening at posterior capsule was noted. IOL was not implanted.. RIOFB was made free of vitreous. It was partially embedded within retina. A 24G needle was bent at it’s tip, so that it can be passed through the 23G cannula. The bent needle was used to dislodge the RIOFB from retina. Suction of the cutter was used to pick up RIOFB and to bring it just behind the PC opening. Now a magnet was introduced through the PC opening to bring the RIOFB into the anterior chamber. Viscoelastic was used to deepen anterior chamber and to keep posterior capsule posteriorly. RIOFB was successfully removed through the limbal route and it was 2 mm × 1 mm. Now foldable PCIOL was implanted into the capsular bag. Posterior capsulectomy was made by enlarging the PC opening. Laser was done around the site of RIOFB as well as 360° periphery.

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