Interface vitrectomy at the margin of PFCL
by Boral Subhendu Kumar

Retina & Vitreous Surgery: A Practical Guide to Theory, Practice and Management

by Subhendu Kumar Boral, Suber S Huang
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The high specific gravity of PFCL (approximately twice of its mass) produces both inertial stabilization and gravitational stabilization (approximately twice of gravitational force) on the retina to counteract dissection forces (‘inertial and gravitational dampening’ effect). Thus, blood clots as well as membranes around the PFCL can removed easily by cutter, keeping the cutter port away from PFCL. As subretinal fluid is less dense than PFCL, application of PFCL over posterior pole displace SRF anteriorly to exit subretinal space through retinal breaks or retinotomies. Laser energy settings must be reduced when treating under PFCL because the subretinal fluid is completely gone.

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