Carcinoma rectum
by Soma Shekhar Kenyon

A Practical Approach to Robotic Surgery

by Ajit Saxena
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This video highlights carcinoma of rectum. Steps of surgical procedure of peritoneoscopy and metastatic survey in abdomen; IMA ligation at root; IMV ligation, below inferior border of pancreas; medial to lateral dissection: to guard gonadal vessels, and ureter; cutting of left lateral line of Toldt; splenic flexture mobilisation; and pelvic dissection TME and ANP (posterior dissection, upto levator ani, cutting rectosacral ligament, lateral dissection: preservation of autonomic nerves; anterior dissection, transection of rectum above levator ani, trans-anal or abdominal retrival of specimen, proximal and distal robotic purse string, stapled colorectal anastomosis) are showing in this video.

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