Conjunctival excision with autograft using sandwich technique
by Ali Fadlallah J, Ali Marc Fava, Ali Steve Robinson, Ali Catherine Choi, Ali Georges El, Ali Samir Melki

Textbook of Pterygium Management

by Namrata Sharma, Tushar Agarwal, Shikha Gupta
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This video demonstrates sandwich fibrin glue technique for pterygium surgery. Pterygium is first removed from its adhesions to the cornea with blunt dissection. Injection of lidocaine 2% mixed with epinephrine to create a dissection plane between conjunctiva and underlying Tenon’s capsule. A suitable autograft is created with blunt dissection using Westcott scissors; its size matching the conjunctival defect to be covered. Fibrinogen component is first placed onto the bare scleral defect.

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