Pterygium surgery with autograft affixation using blood
by Kanhaiya Mittal Melki, Kanhaiya Shikha Gupta, Kanhaiya Tushar Agarwal

Textbook of Pterygium Management

by Namrata Sharma, Tushar Agarwal, Shikha Gupta
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This video demonstrates pterygium surgery with autograft affixation using blood. The area of pterygium has been marked and is being excised. The conjunctival autograft has been dissected from the superior palpebral conjunctiva and is inverted onto the cornea. The inverted conjunctival graft is slid into position juxtaposed to the limbal site of host bed of pterygium. Small blood vessels are fractured onto the host bed using Vannas scissors. The graft is apposed to the host bed when a thin layer of blood is spread onto the host defect.

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